Automated Temperature &
Facial Recognition Camera
The TouchlessGuardian™ works 24 Hours a day
7 Days a week, without human intervention.
Keeping your employees safe.

Easily screen employees and customers with our Touchless Temperature and Facial Recognition Scanner. Keeping your employees safe.

Advanced security and convenience
all on a single affordable device

FDA compliant thermal scanning

No contact and no human intervention required

Can detect whether person is wearing mask

Abnormal temperature sound alert

Automatic details report by email / text

Temperature reading in both Celsius and Fahrenheit

Locally managed facial recognition database of 10,000 users

Auxiliary USB outputs for card readers, doors, and gates

Onscreen face template for guidance

Integrates with access control systems

Stainless steel / aluminum enclosure

Easy installation on any surface or stand


We are creating peace of mind in public places!

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TouchlessGuardian Specifications.