How AI is transforming customer reviews into crucial BI

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How AI is transforming customer reviews into crucial BI

Customer reviews are a gold mine, and artificial intelligence is a fast and cost-effective way to turn them into essential insight. Learn how AI can help you turn good feedback into great product, uncover what really matters to customers, and more, in this VB Live event.

Customers have higher-than-ever expectations, and 89% of consumers are more likely than ever to share positive or negative experiences.

More importantly, behind every customer review is an important and personal story. Good or bad, there’s a reason they took the time to search out your feedback form or Facebook page, compose a message, choose a rating, and share their thoughts with the world.

Individually they’re easy to keep track of, and at a small scale, you understand exactly why it’s important to keep your eye on them. You have an opportunity to respond, offer thanks or a way to fix an issue or mitigate a bad experience and make a connection with your customer. You can also keep an eye on issues that seem to keep popping up with the same problem with the same item, a particular area of the user interface, or repeated requests for a specific new feature.

Think about how important these interactions are and that information is to you, your business, your products, and your what-comes-next strategy. Now what do you do at scale?

As you grow, as your customer base grows, and your product or service catalog continues to expand, it’s impossible for a human to keep on top of the customer sentiment, requests, and needs that are revealed through reviews, even if you hire a couple of full-time employees. Perspectives on comments will also change depending on who you have at the helm monitoring your feedback.

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How AI is transforming customer reviews into crucial BI