15 Stealthy Cyberthreats You Need To Watch Out For


15 Stealthy Cyberthreats You Need To Watch Out For

Consumers and businesses alike are becoming increasingly concerned with cybersecurity. From hacking to phishing to data breaches, major cyberthreats get plenty of attention, allowing people to become more informed on these issues. However, some lesser-known methods of cyberattack continue to fly under the radar.

As industry leaders, the members of Forbes Technology Council stay abreast of the latest information in cybersecurity. Here, they discuss 15 cyberthreats that aren’t getting as much attention as they should be and why more tech leaders should be concerned about them.

1. Credential Theft And Forgery

The common paradigm for cyber defense focuses on mitigating risk to data and services from exploits to software vulnerabilities, but credential theft and forgery is how sophisticated adversaries surreptitiously persist inside enterprises for months and years. When identity is not assured, the compromise continues in a way that’s virtually untraceable by post-attack forensics. – Andrew Sellers, QOMPLX, Inc.

2. Unsecured Cloud Data

Organizations must regularly and securely identify and authenticate networks and devices. What happens to data downloaded from the cloud? Cyberthreats and data breaches still occur because organizations are not focused on the data. Current data loss prevention tools don’t work. Organizations need tools that control access to data at all times, just as they control devices, users and networks. – Jeff Capone, SecureCircle

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15 Stealthy Cyberthreats You Need To Watch Out For